Lies and Power

This episode explains the fact that, in our present times, 3 centers of controlling human beings have become merged into a unified monolith. 

Lies and Power: Rough Transcript 

Good morning, I'm doing a piece today on lies and power. 

People who seek to control others have three basic ways of doing that. They can control the information you receive, they can exert power over you, or they can have the wealth necessary to control what you have access to. There is a fourth way of working with people and keeping them close to you, that is the power of love. But that is not traditionally understood as the way to establish control or authority over larger populations. We can get into that at another time. But on this particular podcast, I'm concentrating on the interest or desire to control others and the means by which that's done. These are knowledge, power, and money. 

Power works by fear, I can make your life or the life of your family or the life of your loved ones, so miserable, that it's wiser for you to submit to me controlling you, the work of money is basically to create desire in you, I have so much money that I can provide for you the things you lust after; better houses, better cars, better meals, better perfume, better toothpaste, whatever it is. I have money, and I create desire in you, so that you're longing for material goods makes you voluntarily come under my control. The final thing you can do to gain control over people is to provide the information whereby they come to believe that they need you to control them. That's knowledge or information. So of the three, the one that is most effective is knowledge. If you can provide people with information such that they themselves come to be the active believers in your power, this is the best work. Now not only are they willing to be controlled by you, but they're willing to be your agents, they believe your control is beneficial, and they will start to become militant in wanting that control to be exerted over others. They are believers. 

Power uses fear. Money uses desire, knowledge and information is what convinces people from their own inner commitments and convictions that they desire you to control them. Knowledge is the most important of these three. In the world or in society, from the beginning of time until now, there are two basic views of human life and social life. One view is, the freer people are the better, healthier, more prosperous, and more progressive societies they produce. The more freedom you give people, the more independence you can give them, the more they will progress towards not only prosperity, but moral and virtuous ideals, including equality racial equality and gender equality. Free people produce happy, healthy societies. That's a view. It's just a faith. 

There's another fundamental contrary, faith: Controlled people are the ones who will produce societies that are admirable and virtuous. The more you control people, the more you're able to build a society of goodness, equality, and shared prosperity. 

The first view that free people create good societies is basically a construct in which one imagines human beings to be essentially good when left on their own, or can work toward good because of the nature of what creating shared prosperity requires. I may hate this type of person or that kind of soul, but I know that a person having equal opportunity is a necessary component for society to function healthily. There can even be selfish ways of pursuing a positive social life for all. There are those who imagine that a controlled society and controlled individuals are the only way that you can get a society to do well. Those people have their own views, and they seek to exert control over people. 

Not all people seeking to control us are believers that doing so is for our own good and for the good of others. They're just people who seek to control us just because control and power is addictive, and the acquisition of wealth and money is addictive. They just get addicted to controlling others. There's a certain kind of sick joy of having this sort of superior status or being able to get others to do what you want. Until this present moment, people who get addicted to controlling others and seek to exert control over have traditionally stayed in their own sector or own sphere, Yes, there is there is bleed over, but people who become obscenely wealthy and are able to control and exert control over others with their money, they have been in their own sector. People who learn the political process and learn how to lie perfectly, deceive perfectly, manipulate laws to their advantage, and just play the political game. They have been in their sector. History is full of individuals who have built despotic, tyrannical societies and tyrannical political structures. Those people exert control, by use of the military. They use fear. Then there are those who seek control through controlling information and knowledge, the assertion that I am superior in my knowledge and interpretation of information. That traditionally has been left to  educational institutions, and media. These are the Boston Brahmins. The people who know what's what. They control us because they're so much smarter than us, they must know what they're talking about. But remember, it's the controller's of knowledge who are the ones who create the armies that support their interest to control others. These different spheres of control have remained separated from one another until now. 

There has been the state, its tyrants, its military dictators, its genocidal dictators and so forth. There have been the money, the railroad tycoons, the obscenely wealthy that through the spending of their money gained control of others. And then there have been the educational, cultural and informational centers of social life presently. These now have welded together and become one thing. The media that's part of the information universe that seeks to control people. Education seeks universal control of information and knowledge that works closely with the media. The fabulously wealthy, the billionaires and zillionaires, the Bezos’s, the Dorsey's, the Zuckerbergs, the multimillionaires and billionaires, they work closely with the government. They work closely with the media work closely with tech, they fund schools and so on. Finally,  you have the elected officials who are hand in glove with the media, they leak, they hold their press conferences, and the media supports only certain types of political figures. 

Thus, now we have a conglomerate of people who operate under the worldview that people being controlled is the better design for building society. That group all works together. If you are of the belief and have the conviction that it's better for human beings to be under control, then you should be basically happy with this monolith of advocates and practitioners who hold this view, and put that forward and implement it. You should be under their control. Mr. Dorsey should decide what you are allowed to say and what opinions you are allowed to express. I believe in that. It's good. If I'm allowed to express my own opinions, I could hurt society. Thank you, Mr. Dorsey, for exercising this control over me. I myself am going to work for you. I am on your side. I defend you. I stand with you. I am going to help you block free expression. Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Zuckerberg. We're very grateful for what you do. People with opinions should not be allowed to speak. They should not be allowed to express themselves. We only want the opinion of what's best for us all. Please control us. Please do not let dissenting voices poison our society. In fact, we wish you would do more. As for the media, please only present one side. We're not interested in a balance. That's not our interest. We want society to be controlled. We want to be controlled, we believe in control. We believe that this is the best way for society to become fair and good and true. 

Once this monolith of people committed to control is one all work in common. They support one another. They use their money to prevent expressions of opinion. They use their platforms to be sure people are not free. Why? Because free people are trouble. They need to be controlled. The societies they create are bad. Thank you Hollywood for shaming somebody who misspoke. They should be controlled. They should be driven out. They should not be allowed to act in films. They don't agree with the common good. 

And thank you, especially Mr. Fauci, who's trying to protect us. Yes, we want mandates. We want Mr. Fauci to decide whether or not I'm allowed to work, whether or not I'm allowed to buy food, whether or not I'm allowed to fly to see my aunt. He’s not against me, having food or seeing my aunt, but he can't afford to leave me free to make a decision about my medical preferences. I must be controlled. I'm a believer in that. I'm grateful for Mr. Fauci. I'm grateful for the Congress people and the senators who are willing to lie and to create legislation that prevents people from being free. They shouldn't be free, even to vote how they like. It's better that we control the vote as well. It's a simple belief in whether or not people should be free or people should be controlled. It's always been like that. Until now, however, there has not been a singular, perfectly harmonized and integrated monolith. So the only thing that exists now, now that zillions of dollars of private money, governments in all sectors of the world and all countries in the world, these traditional places where control is sought. 

Now that they're integrated into one cooperative, unified entity, the only thing that's left for you or me is to have a point of view about how society should be organized.What does it have a better chance to do well, for people, if people are made to be free? Or is it better if people are made to be controlled. This is what one has to decide. Then once we do, the next thing is that we start to analyze the information we receive. For those who are committed to the worldview that people should be controlled, all information that is allowed to be communicated will support that worldview. That’s its job. If I happen to be a person who believes that human beings should be free, and that freedom is a good thing, then I need to to able to know if what people tell me is true or false. Is what Mr. Dorsey permits to be expressed, or the fact checkers, or the little flags on my posts? Are they true or false? I want to know if the permitted information is designed to make me a believer in control. If so,  then I need to have some means or some way to try to find information that does not exist for that purpose. If liberating information is censored, if this is forbidden, if people are jailed, put in solitary confinement, not allowed to speak, if investigations are covered up, then how am I going to get the information I need to help me decide which of the two worldviews is better? 

The fact of the matter is, only one of these two things can be the case; either controlling people is what's needed, or helping people be free is what's needed. One is true. One is false. One is the case. One is a lie.

If I'm being given information that tries to make me believe that a lie is true, then that information is inaccurate. It's false. If people are interpreting world affairs to me, and they want me to become a champion, and a warrior and fighter for making sure people are controlled, not allowed to think, not allowed to speak, not allowed to learn, not allowed to move. The control monolith who now work together are presenting information. Their information is designed and meant to have me become a fellow warrior for their cause. For example they want me to hate if my neighbor tries to express an opinion. or tries to live according to his or her own medical convictions and beliefs. Such neighbors are my enemy. Me and Mr. Zuckerberg has to do everything in our power to make sure that that neighbor is not free to express themselves. 

How do we go about being related to what a politician may say, or what a television news personality might say to you, what a university or high school professor or teacher might say to you, what a fact checker might say to you, by what means, or in what way am I going to be able to assess the likelihood of this being true or false? Because information is what I need in order to be able to assess and evaluate my point of view. If the information is part of what is working to help me become more deeply convinced that I am the friend of those who want to control you, and control me. And I'm for that, “please control me. I can't be trusted. I'm a racist, I'm homophobic, I'm a chauvinist gender chauvinist. I'm full of hate, I need to be controlled, please control me. I don't have any sense of my own physical health. I don't have any responsibility for maintaining my own physical health, I'm afraid, please control me, please tell me what I must do and what I must think.” All information has to support me in that conviction. How I am going to live in the world of information is to first have a fundamental inclination, to lean one way or the other. If I believe in control, “Thank you, Alyssa Milano, please find anybody that had a bad thought. And to Twitter them to death. Twitter, their three year old. Twitter their wife. Justt destroy them. Thank you. We're grateful for that. We need your control. Because you're, what an actress or a singer I can't remember, the singer I think, thank you for being such a great singer. And please use the notoriety which you've gained from your talents to make sure to control others. Don't let anybody have a thought that might be harmful to others. Thank you, Miss Milano.” We have to pick which view we think is correct. 

If we happen to think, oh, that's terrible. That's terrible. The whole career of a person who tried all their life, staying up nights, and practicing late nights, and their dad spent all their money to make them a great skater, a great pole vaulter … Oh that's terrible that they would be destroyed because of a misspeak. If we don't like the expansion of control over human beings, then it's necessary to approach information with caution. What is the informationt trying to convince me of? What camp is it trying to put me in? 

The small conclusion of this podcast on Lies and Power is to recommend one of two worldviews about how life is best built. Find one's general leaning, Our own general inclination; is controlling people is good. If left to their own devices, they're going to say something mean, they're going to cause trauma, they're going to cause micro aggression, they're going to be hurtful. They can't help it no matter how good they think they want to be. If I'm pro control, then I have a code to interpret information. Yes, Mr. Fauci. I know that I know you said masks were bad when at the beginning of this thing, but now you sy the opposite, but I trust you. We really need somebody to tell us what we must do. If I'm a control person I want I want thank you, Mr. Zuckerberg, I know somebody thought they found a medicine that was helpful, but don't allow them to speak. That would be terrible. That would be terrible. I like being controlled and I want to help that cause. Then all this will help me approach information. 

Or, if I happen to be a person who thinks, no, no, no. If people are left free, things work out. They themselves seek to be better people. They improve themselves. They learn to work together. They understand the shared mutual advantage of overcoming prejudices and biases, the emergence of legislation, the increasing equality that's happened when people are free. It is quite magical how that happens. I'm in favor of that. I happen to believe people should be free. If that's one school, then one has to approach information asking, “Wait a minute, wait a minute. Is this true? Is what you're saying true? Mr. Fact Checker, are you helping to promote freedom or helping promote control? I want to feel how the information is being used, because I myself have a suspicion that information should not be used for the furtherance of creating controlled, surveilled, censored people. So the way I seek information will be different. If I'm a person who has a suspicion that people should be allowed to express an opinion, and that this is a good thing, then my pursuit of information will differ. So pick which way you lean, find out what you suspect about the nature of things. And then from there start in small ways. Next time an ad comes on your TV., next time a celebrity says something, next time a news person says something, which of the two things seem to be being promoted or advocated? How do I lean toward the suspected verity of what I just heard? Where does the advocacy lie? What is its home base? Then with that I can read better. I can watch TV better. I can listen better. I can decide about fact checking flags on my Facebook account better. I can do this once I know which of the two things I tend to believe. Because right now, all means of control have become a single integrated, mutually supportive product. We've never been in that situation before. The pursuit of information is much more difficult under those circumstances. If you happen to be a person who thinks human freedom is good, then it's going to take a little extra effort to invest in trying to find where you can get reliable information. 

Thanks a lot for listening. I know this was long, I did not try to make it short. I wanted to get this whole thought out. So thank you very much, and we'll talk again soon


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