Mail to Friends and Teams during the Covid-19 Pandemic


I work with a few teams and communities associated with my work and my organizations. 

During this time of more than usual separation, I wrote them so as to be in touch and offer thoughts for our mindset and orientation during this unusual and unprecedented situation.

If there are any parts of this that feel useful, or could help for and among your own groups and communities, I offer them here in gratitude and freely. Thank you. 

Frank K

Dear ...

I write quickly to say hello, and to stay in touch during present challenges and concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It is greatly unfortunate that a blow of this magnitude had to hit the world, when from reports it seems it could have been contained more efficiently, and without the terrible pain and disruption felt in so many ways and in so many quarters.

My reason for writing is two-fold, delineated perhaps by present and future as broad categories. 

Present-wise, my first word is one of love, care, prayers, and encouragement. I hope we all will care and pray for one another, be sensitive and aware of one another, and ready to help if something arises that allows us to be helpful somehow. 

Please stay in touch. Drop a note now and then to tell us things are fine, or also if you've any news to share (even of difficulties). If at any point you want to write thoughts, news, or inspiration into our group, you can send your communique to me if you like, and I can get it out to us all. 

Also, “present-wise,” I hope we will become a core of “world care,” conscientious with our prayers and offerings, and general mental frame of mind for our brothers and sisters worldwide. We should pray for, or generally be concerned for world leaders facing massive pressures and decisions, and for our healthcare family, not only the powerful leaders and researchers, but also for the healthcare saints and warriors on the front lines, pushing themselves day after day in pressure cookers of of extreme sacrifice. People need our prayers. 

“Future-wise,” I think we can (and should) be visionary, paragons of confidence in faith that there are reasons for this to be happening now. At peace in knowledge that the potential of this disruption does not escape divine attention. Surely this pandemic has a strong element of purge. That means something “brand new,” something cleaner, and perhaps globally unprecedented awaits us once the horrors, challenges, and burdens subside. Once the hard casing of the winter bud thins away and yields the blossoms of Spring, in what ways will our world be a Spring bud emerging as something fresh and new? 

I think we should be proactive in our minds and spirits, and if ways open for us to labor together to build during the opportunities and new horizons in an emerging world, let's  be ready for this too. 

Please stay in touch. Let us know how you are, and how you feel. Please send us every idea, thought, and inspiration, no matter how small or how grand. Let us (now an overused phrase) “lean into” this. Maybe we can be a light and hope for others who may feel fear and insecurity. 
If chance arises, I hope we can point confidently to what lies ahead, and more so be ready to carry and walk with others toward all good that we might see or receive as the horizons open before us.

Thank you all 

God bless you 

Frank K


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